Minamoto Yoshitomo
Gender Male
Main element(s) None
Clan Genji
Relationship(s) Minamoto Yoritomo (son)
Minamoto Yoshitsune (son)
Voice actor/actress Unknown

Minamoto Yoshitomo (源 義朝) was the former leader of the Genji clan. He's the father of Minamoto Yoritomo and Minamoto Yoshitsune.


Yoshitomo was first mentioned by Kiichi Hogen in Chapter 1, he was the former leader of the Genji clan. However, the Genji force lost to the Heishi at the Battle of Heiji, and Yoshitomo was killed by Heishi's leader Taira Kiyomori. Apparently, Yoshitsune didn't know about his father's true idenity, he has always thought that his father was a low ranking noble. Also, it seems that Yoshitomo was the one who gave Yoshitsune the Amahagane when he was a child, and he's been wearing it ever since.

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