Kiichi Hogen
Kiichi Hogen
Gender Male
Main element(s) None
Clan Tamayoribito
Relationship(s) Minazuru (daughter)
Voice actor/actress Minken Karasawa
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

Kiichi Hogen (鬼一 法眼) is the head of the Tamayoribito clan and the father of Minazuru.


Kiichi is a tall old man with tanned skin, white long hair and black eyes. He wears dark traditional clothes with long white sleeves and some black symbols on them. He is usually seen holding a long, silver mystic staff.


The leader of the Tamayoribito clan, Kiichi is a kind, thoughtful and knowledgeable old man. He is usually calm and has a lot of respects for Yoshitsune. He even sacrificed himself in order to let Yoshitsune and Benkei escape from Rokuhara Palace, and ended up being killed by Taira Kagekiyo.


Dawn of the SamuraiEdit

Kiichi first appear in Chapter 1, sitting inside the Hermitage of the Tamayoribito and welcoming Yoshitsune. He explained to Yoshitsune about everything and the duty that has been placed on his shoulders. After this, Yoshitsune agreed to join the Tamayoribito in their fight against the Heishi, and Kiichi offered Yoshitsune a place to rest in his hermitage.

After Yoshitsune's fight with Benkei at Gojo Bridge, Kiichi introduced Lady Shizuka to Yoshitsune and explained to him about the power of Yosegane. He then stated that Yoshitsune and Benkei must take as many Amahagane as possible from the Heishi and combine them using the power of Yosegane, in order to make the Amahagane and Kamui more powerful.

Near the end of the chapter, Kiichi warned the two warriors about the Heishi general Taira Kagekiyo, and advised them to go to Oushuu - Hiraizumi for the time being. However, Kiichi has already foresaw that Yoshitsune and Benkei won't listen to his advice, so he went to Rokuhara Palace and engaged in batttle with Kagekiyo, so that Yoshistune and Benkei can escape. They were successful, however Kiichi lost his life in his attempt to save the two warriors.